Journey within a Story

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4th dicember 2013. Category: fantasy tale.


In a small library no one ever seems to visit in the middle of nowhere, a young boy continues reading books. Perhaps these books hold the answers to all of the questions of his life?

In 14 short chapters, this ebook will take you on a journey of discovery. Strange events follow Daniele through the library and beyond, as the young boy tries to uncover a secret he has since forgotten. Doors open and close, pages turn by themselves, strawberries grow in the snow… amid this surreal landscape, will Daniele find the answers he needs before returning to his ordinary life?

This short story consists of approximately 6000 words.

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You can buy it on e-book stores for: 0,99 eur/dollar. On Apple iBookstore is free.

Available in paperback format

  • Size: 20 x 13 x 0 cm;
  • ISBN: 9781494275747;
  • Number of pages: 24;
  • Price on the book store: 3,99 eur.

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«Turn on a kindle, start reading, and enter into a dream along with the protagonist. These are the first moments of this short story, brief moments that begin to make us want to get to the end, that show us we will get very emotional, and that we are already too curious to be able to afford not to continue reading». To read the full version: here.

«In theme with the Christmas spirit and the chill that surrounds our country these days, there comes a new story of Giovanni Venturi, who, after having bewitched me with his collection “Deve accadere (Italian Edition)”, dragged me into this short oneiric adventure with a little boy trapped in a library in search of the imaginary line between reality and dreams». To read the full version: here.

«This is a short book that really grabs you. I don’t want to give away too much, but let’s just say the story of the boy who seems to have fallen into a book captures your interest and makes you wonder exactly what happened». To read the full version: here.

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